The Perks of Giving

Whether you have noticed it or not, giving has been taken for granted as a regular part of life. Come to think of it: whenever there’s an important event, like a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary celebration of any kind, a business or career success, a graduation, an awards ceremony, even a certain visit or meet-up, and the like, there are always instances of giving. You may feel obligated to give something, and there are times you think, What’s in it for me? 

You make someone smile. Just imagine giving pot plant as a gift to your friend during a visit. Isn’t it priceless to see a curve form in her face? 

You anticipate someone’s needsPerhaps you will send your mom and pops off to the airport, and you give them a very good muscle rub ointmentYour gift will show that you think even of their little needs. 

You make them feel special. Surely, a t-shirt for your dad, saying “The Best Dad” or other encouraging words will make them feel cherished.

You show that you care about their interests. Tablecloth and runners will surely make your mom think that you are someone who understands what she cares about, namely, the beauty and order of the kitchen. 

So why not give a gift to somebody today? Little Trendy Store has many good ideas for you. 

By: Little Trendy Store Blogger

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